One Minute Exercises - Upright Shoulder Row

12 Months of Fitness

Upright Shoulder Rows with Green Resistance Bands.   These Green ProGrade Resistance Bands from DynaProDirect have the resistance of 20 lbs.  Great for working out your arms, and you know I love to make your arms sexy and toned. Make sure to read my article: 10 Benefits of Using Resistance Bands    

Sexy Standing Up Abs

12 Months of Fitness

Today is all about the ABS standing up.   Six exercises that will challenge your ABS and your mind muscle connection.  We want to feel the ABS working and not just do the movement.

Legs & ABS of Iron Workout

12 Months of Fitness

Legs & ABS of Iron Workout Do you want a tight and toned lower body? Are you willing to work for it?   Then look no further I have got you covered.   This is a lower body and AB circuit that will see if you are ready to do the work.  I