Quick Body Workout

12 Months of Fitness

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a great day. It was so beautiful out that I thought, what a great day to film a workout outside. This is a quick 2 circuit workout. Do the first circuit three times and then move on the the second circuit. Make your workouts appointments that you keep. Put them in your calendar at the beginning of the week and hold yourself accountable for doing the work. Have fun! Now go workout.

Lower Body Home Workout Number One

Lower Body Workouts

Lower Body Home Workout Part One "Get Your Glutes On" Ok ladies, are you ready to get those glutes fired up?  Then you are in the right place.  You know I do not mess around when it comes to working out, especially those hard to reach BOOTY muscles. We are going to

15 Minute Strong and Sexy Workout

12 Months of Fitness

We are getting It In and Getting It Done today with my "15 Minute Strong and Sexy Workout" 4 exercises to challenge your body and get your heart rate pumping while burning calories! 1. Speed Skaters 2. Low Squat Hops 3. Revrese Lunge with Karate Kick 4. Steam Engines for ABS Speed Skaters:  Cross Left Leg

5 Best Medicine Ball Exercises

12 Months of Fitness

5 of my most favorite Medicine Ball Exercises.  Great for the abs, back and that pesky muffin top.   The medicine ball is a great workout tool. It comes in different weights and even different sizes. You can find them with handles too.  The great thing about medicine balls are that

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