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Healthy Chocolate Avocado Pudding You Will Love

Healthy Chocolate Avocado Pudding You Will Love   Chocolate and dessert are two of my most favorite things!  Since what I teach is about counting nutrients and not calories you are going to love this healthy pudding without any guilt.  This is simple and easy to make, tastes great and when a chocolate... more


2014 Fit and Fabulous Mom Contest

The 2014 Fit & Fabulous Mom Contest Excited Moms Are Saving the Date - ITS ALMOST HERE! Fitness Celebrity Laura London Announces The 4th Annual "Fit and Fabulous Mom Contest”. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASELaura London's Fit and Fabulous Mom Contest PRLog (Press Release) - Jul. 2014 - BOCA RATON, Fla. -- Busy Moms around the country are marking their calendars in... more


Booty Blast on The Stability Ball

Get ready to Blast the Booty with these three effective, sculpting and shaping exercises. I call these ZONE SPECIFIC exercises to really hit those hard to reach places. Learn how to focus and feel the movements to hit those target areas.... more

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Fit Solution Summit

  This July, get in the best shape of your life   Does the sheer volume of online information about health and fitness exasperate you? New day. New diet. Same old results. Who wants that? That’s why I’m here to tell you: Back away from the computer. Back slowly away.   Introducing the Fit Solution Summit Reprogram Your Body and Mind. Achieve... more


What's In Your Almond Milk? What Is Carrageenan?

What's In Your Almond Milk? What Is Carrageenan? Almond Milk And A Sneaky Little Secret Carrageenan   Just about everyone I know lately has switched over to drinking almond milk.  Which I think is great; personally I have been drinking it for years. There are many brands of almond milk in the stores... more


Laura London's 2014 Fit and Fabulous Mom Contest

Get ready for the 4th Annual Laura London's Fit and Fabulous Mom Contest. Do you work hard for your mom body? Are you busy taking care of everyone and everything and making the time to keep yourself in shape and healthy? This show is for you. All you need to get on stage is a fitness outfit an evening outfit and a great attitude! This is fun family event so make sure to bring the kids to cheer you on. Trophies, Guest Speakers, Gift Bags and lots of fun. Come shine your light on stage. Empower other woman across the globe to show that you can be Fit and Fabulous at any age! Laura London... more