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Purium Master Amino Acid Pattern

Purium's Master Aminos, now you know my "muscle" secret.  I love, LOVE, love this product and have been using it consistently for over 10 years now.   I eat mainly a plant based diet and the addition of Master Aminos helps to keep my hard earned muscle all year long.  ... more

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Rock Your Inner Goddess 2014

The Rock Your Inner Goddess wellness weekend is dedicated to allowing women to rediscover the inner goddess within, and to feel empowered in their life. Laura London, and a great roster of high-powered speakers, will motivate you, and all the people around you, to be their best. Find your divine sparkle in this world. We are all sent here with a special gift or talent. The retreat is designed to lift each other up and create a Goddess sisterhood of love and support for each other. You are not alone - together we are stronger and more powerful. The Rock Your Inner Goddess wellness weekend is all about YOU!    ... more


Nancy Rose Performance Workout Clothes

NancyRosePerformance.com I love the Nancy Rose Performance philosophy that a well-designed workout outfit can not only help you look better on the outside, but also feel better on the inside.  I truly believe that when we love what we are wearing that it radiates from the inside out.  Our confidence is lifted,... more


Essential Oil Class Schedule 2014 - doTerra Essential Oils

Learn easy approaches to a variety of “life’s little emergencies,” using plant-based biochemistry. Decrease the cost of your health care and eliminate side effects of the drug approach to health, using healing essential oils. Medicine Cabinet Makeover: Learn easy approaches to a variety of "life's little emergencies," using plant-based biochemistry. Decrease the... more