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Easy Kale Chips

Have you seen how expensive kale chips are in the store?  Kale chips have become a staple in my house lately.  They are such a great alternative to chips and crackers when you want something crunchy or salty.   Kale is not only for salads!... more


Laura London Virtual Competitions

Welcome to the First Virtual Fit and Fabulous Mom Contest “Exercise Your Right to Be Fit and Fabulous Virtually”   What is the Virtual Fit and Fabulous Mom Contest?   We have had such an amazing turnout for our annual Fit and Fabulous Mom Contest in Boca Raton, Florida each year.  But I noticed... more


Toned In Twenty Workout

Let's get ready to get that Hot and Healthy Body with my brand new Toned In Twenty workout!!  It's so great you are going to love it.   We hit the Lower Body, Biceps, AB's and Inner Thighs, plus get your heart pumping and burn the fat at the same time!... more

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The Platform Magazine

Who Says you Can't be a Fitness Cover Model at 48! If you know me one of my favorite sayings is Step Outside of your Comfort Zone.  Well that is what I have been doing for quite a while now and it has been a ride I could never even have... more