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How to Avoid The Holiday Weight Gain

Don't let this happen to this year. Make this the year you don't put on the dreaded holiday weight.   I think most of us start with the best intentions of not overdoing it during the holidays and somewhere along the way our signals get crossed and we just throw our hands up and....... more


15 Minut Strong and Sexy Workout

We are getting It In and Getting It Done today with my "15 Minute Strong and Sexy Workout" 4 exercises to challenge your body and get your heart rate pumping while burning calories! 1. Speed Skaters 2. Low Squat Hops 3. Revrese Lunge with Karate Kick 4. Steam Engines for ABS Speed Skaters:  Cross Left Leg... more

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Easy Kale Chips

Have you seen how expensive kale chips are in the store?  Kale chips have become a staple in my house lately.  They are such a great alternative to chips and crackers when you want something crunchy or salty.   Kale is not only for salads!... more

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Hot and Healthy Body Program

The Hot and Healthy Body Program If you thought this was going to be too hard, too expensive or time consuming think again. This is not about bland boring food, cutting out whole food groups or lack of will power. The Hot and Healthy Body is about learning how your body functions, so you truly understand how to operate it once and for all. It’s the missing instruction manual to your goddess body. Finally!... more


Laura London Virtual Competitions

Welcome to the First Virtual Fit and Fabulous Mom Contest “Exercise Your Right to Be Fit and Fabulous Virtually”   What is the Virtual Fit and Fabulous Mom Contest?   We have had such an amazing turnout for our annual Fit and Fabulous Mom Contest in Boca Raton, Florida each year.  But I noticed... more


January Weight Loss Dietbet Challenge

Game starts January 5th, but you need to join now to be ready. Click HERE to join! Here is how my January DetBet Challenge works: You bet $30 that you will lose 4% of your body weight is 28 days.  ALL the money goes into the pot (handled by DietBet).  If you... more