"10 Surprising Secrets to Getting Fit & Fabulous in Your 40's"

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Seven Minutes to Sexy Workout

Seven Minutes To Sexy Workout Seven minutes to sexy is a great full body workout so you can get it in and get it done.  It always feels great when you know you have gotten a workout in and you can go on with the rest of your day. Seven Minutes To... more


Hot and Healthy Body Program

The Hot and Healthy Body Program If you thought this was going to be too hard, too expensive or time consuming think again. This is not about bland boring food, cutting out whole food groups or lack of will power. The Hot and Healthy Body is about learning how your body functions, so you truly understand how to operate it once and for all. It’s the missing instruction manual to your goddess body. Finally!... more

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Easy Kale Chips

Have you seen how expensive kale chips are in the store?  Kale chips have become a staple in my house lately.  They are such a great alternative to chips and crackers when you want something crunchy or salty.   Kale is not only for salads!... more

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Simple Secret To A Tight and Toned Flat Abs

Have you tried everything to get your abs flat and toned?  Have you tried all those gadgets and machines out there, you know the ones I am talking about on late night TV.  Trust me I have bought them too! We have all been there and thought this was the one... more


The Fastest Way to Looking and Feeling Great

What did you have for breakfast today? I know that is can get so confusing as to what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat?  I get questions all the time asking the same thing. It’s no wonder with all the supermarket magazine covers blasting us with the latest... more