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10 Benefits of Squats for Women

10 Benefits of Squats of Squats for Women   Squats are a great exercise for your lower body.  They target the thighs, booty and even engage your core! Proper form is essential when doing squats.  If you have knee issues please talk to your Dr. before doing this type of exercise.  The... more


Best Six Minute Workout

Best Six Minute Workout Can you find six minutes in your day?  I know you can!  Then this is the perfect workout for you.  Grab your jump rope and a set of weights. It may be a quick workout but it's a high energy fat burning workout. Get it in and get it... more

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Crock Pot Chicken and Salsa

This recipe is so easy you are not going to believe it.  What could be better than putting the ingredients in a crock pot and having them waiting for you when you get home!   Ingredients: Frozen Chicken Breasts 1 Jar (low sodium) organic Salsa   Directions: Add frozen chicken breasts to crock pot, top with salsa,... more

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Fit and Fabulous Contest 2015

Fit and Fabulous Mom Contest 2015   Get ready for another year of Fit and Fabulous!  We are working on putting the 2015 Fit and Fabulous Mom Contest together.  New show, new catagories and of course lots of fun. FitandFabulousMomContest.net Stay tuned for more....   OCTOBER 2015 ~ Boca Raton, Florida   Can't make it... more


7 Day Hot and Healthy Detox Video Program

ARE YOU READY TO learn the secret to a hot and healthy body that you don’t have to spend hours in the gym for? FEEL LIGHTER, LOOK AMAZING, HAVE LESS BLOAT, feel radiant and look beautiful by doing less and eating amazing nourishing foods?  SO YOU CAN FEEL SEXY FROM THE INSIDE-OUT?... more